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  1. Extension Contract Approval Processes

    Mar 26, 2024

    Never sign a contract, MOU or MOA locally Contract from CFAES unit Department Leader (may or may not need requisition)
  2. Reconciliation Process

    Jan 30, 2024

  3. Extension Name Badge Order Process and Format Update

    Jan 29, 2024

    New Employees

    The Extension Operations team is now ordering name badges for new employees – which will be delivered to each employee’s office location by or shortly after their start date.

    Format Update

    Both new and replacement name badges will now be ordered via UniPrint, using the Extension mark. All name badges ordered after this point will use the updated format.

  4. Sponsorships

    Jan 29, 2024

    When we are paying another organization as a sponsor of their event:

  5. Common Program Numbers for Workday

    Sep 28, 2023

    PG102187 Administration- please consider IF this is really needed, as Fund #s without PG#s could be considered the ADMIN fund

    PG103599 OSUE 4-H Program

    PG103616 FCS Programs

    PG103682 Agricultural and Natural Resources Program

    PG103555 Community Development

  6. Expenses HUB in Workday for Managing Your TASKS

    Jun 14, 2023

    The new Expenses Hub is live within the Workday Menu options. The Expenses Hub is a central location for managing your expense-related tasks and transactions and will display transactions that require your attention. It is not intended to manage the Expense tasks and transactions that you have submitted on behalf of others as part of an administrative role.
  7. To Close Spend Authorizations

    Apr 24, 2023

    Only close Spend Authorizations whose dates have passed, or you are SURE you will no longer need.

    in workday Search for: MY Spend Authorizations

    In the table that should open up, click the … (3 dots) by the magnifying glass clear to the left side of screen

    Click on blue link to SA#, in black bar at the top -click the … (3 dots) at the end of the words

  8. Timesheet QUICK ADD for Entering in TIME

    Apr 24, 2023

    Workday, at the HOME screen click on View All Apps

    Choose TIME from the Menu

    Choose the week you wish to enter in hours

    Click ACTIONS

    Choose QUICK ADD

    Verify dates, Regular- Click NEXT

    Choose the days of the week that would all have the SAME time applied

    Fill the time in for IN, OUT for Meal

  9. OSU Extension Travel Guideline Clarification

    Apr 23, 2023

    Travel Approval Process, Travel Policy Link and Policy Clarification on Ability to Claim Mileage to Headquarters

    Travel Approval Process

  10. FD522 Transfers

    Mar 29, 2023

    FD522, for many county cost centers, includes misc grants that were converted from PeopleSoft to workday. These 50xxxx grant funds converted to a GRxxxxx worktag.