1. Extension Guidance on Uber/Lyft/rideshare on PCard

    Nov 16, 2023

    Uber/Lyft/rideshare apps are considered to have “clickwrap” agreements. When you are ordering or creating an account online get a message like “by clicking here I agree to terms and conditions”, this is considered a clickwrap agreement and the T&Cs must first be reviewed and approved by the legal team at OSU Purchasing prior to agreeing and continuing with payment.
    From past experience we know the University cannot agree to the T&Cs of rideshare apps, so we cannot create accounts under the University’s name.

  2. Certificates for Tax Exempt States for Out-of-State Travelers

    May 9, 2023

    While planning to travel out-of-state, one thing to consider is looking up to find if the state you are traveling to is exempt for state sales tax. Find the list on the Business and Finance website:

  3. To Close Spend Authorizations

    Apr 24, 2023

    Only close Spend Authorizations whose dates have passed, or you are SURE you will no longer need.

    in workday Search for: MY Spend Authorizations

    In the table that should open up, click the … (3 dots) by the magnifying glass clear to the left side of screen

    Click on blue link to SA#, in black bar at the top -click the … (3 dots) at the end of the words

  4. OSU Extension Travel Guideline Clarification

    Apr 23, 2023

    Travel Approval Process, Travel Policy Link and Policy Clarification on Ability to Claim Mileage to Headquarters

    Travel Approval Process

  5. Comparison Worksheet Required for Driving to Neighboring States

    Mar 28, 2023

    Comparison Worksheet:

    A travel Comparison Worksheet is needed when traveling to a neighboring state as sometimes a rental car is cheaper than using a personal vehicle.

    One thing to note is the system doesn’t always provide a location for the destination and the traveler has to choose “All Other Continental US Locations, United States of America” - this is why it is vital that an agenda is attached with the “where/when/why” detailed and adding city/state to the Justification field is very helpful.

  6. UPDATE on Expensing: CTP Booking, Expensing and Flight Invoices

    Jun 28, 2022

    CTP Airfare 
  7. Travel Info

    Jun 27, 2022

    Travel TIPS: 2022 mileage rate: $.585 January 1 to June 30; $.625 July 1 to December 31, 2022. Use updated Ground Transportation LOG, Workday will calculate new mileage amount when date in Expense Lines is first day of travel from the LOG Get travel in within 60 days Use first travel date on log for expense line date
  8. Guidance on Blanket Spend Authorizations

    May 30, 2022

    Please only create ONE BLANKET Spend Authorization, even if using multiple Worktags - this can be done with multiple lines on the SA.

    Preference is that it covers the entire year- July 1 current year – June 30 following year (though SAs can be done July to December and again January to June).

  9. Telework Mileage and Parking Reimbursement Notes

    May 30, 2022

    No reimbursement for errands or mileage to the office when officially teleworking. If required to attend an off-site meeting while teleworking, reimbursement does not need to include commute miles.

  10. Compreshensive Business Purpose Tells the Story

    Mar 19, 2022

    CFAES Finance created these BUSINESS PURPOSE HELPFUL HINTS overview and webpages (links below) to help ensure a complete 'Business Purpose' is part of every expense utilizing University money.