1. PCard Transaction CleanUp - Monthly!

    Apr 28, 2022

    The service center is looking to clear up the backlog of unexpensed PCard transactions.  Please double check your PCard log and your Workday Expense Report screens that all expenses are IN Workday and approved or moving along. Do this monthly and stay on top of the expenses.

  2. County to County Payments

    Apr 28, 2022

    Handle county-to-county payments within University funds when possible, not necessary to write a check -OSU to OSU

    Before the expense: use the other county/department’s Worktags in the expensing. If paying for supplies/items, put other department/office’s Worktags in expensing PCard entry; if paying for another department/office staff’s travel: put other department/office’s worktags in for the SA/Expense Report and attach preapproval to use the othe county's Worktags.

  3. Blanket Purchase Orders

    Apr 18, 2022

    Blanket Orders are used for transactions that occur frequently, have a high variation of product types, have undetermined timing, and are not available in Buckeye Buy. Not to be used for 'GOODS', only Services.

    Accounts Payable advises users to include the service to be provided and frequency in the description line of the requisition. It will also be helpful to include the expected term agreement details in the memo to supplier field (example, $50.00/month for 12 months).  

    Please note: if this is a renewal PO, remember to inidicate the old PO# in a comment or memo box.

  4. Postage Equipment Leasing Blanket POs

    Apr 18, 2022

    Blanket Purchase Orders can be used for leasing postage equipment. Please use: Quadient Leasing and Pitney Bowes Inc. for the equipment leasing agreements. If your agreement is still current, you can upload that same agreement for each new Purchase Order for the years that it covers. Otherwise, please contact the company to obtain a new agreement to attach as a quote in the requisition.

  5. UniPrint Ordering

    Apr 10, 2022

    The Uniprint ordering system does not communicate with Workday, so similarly to 4-H Publications with Comm Media, while placing the order through UniPrint- start creating the requisition - Buckeye Buy request - to pay them in Workday. It is helpful to have both UniPrint and Workday windows open at the same time for this 2-STEP PROCESS.


    After obtaining preapproval, go to the UniPrint website and begin to place your order through their online ordering form – but do not ‘SUBMIT” your order in UniPrint yet:

  6. Employee Apparel

    Mar 29, 2022

    Must use an approved contracted OSU vendor through BuckeyeBuy Marketplace. Link to suppliers. These suppliers will be approved by branding.

  7. Compreshensive Business Purpose Tells the Story

    Mar 19, 2022

    CFAES Finance created these BUSINESS PURPOSE HELPFUL HINTS overview and webpages (links below) to help ensure a complete 'Business Purpose' is part of every expense utilizing University money.

  8. Justify the WHY of Food Purchases

    Mar 17, 2022

    Better business justification needed on food/meal purchases- entries are telling what and who, but not really addressing the "why".

    Examples of a better justification:

  9. NELNET - Online Payment (Credit Card) Processor

    Mar 16, 2022

    Extension Operations worked with the Treasurer’s Office in September 2020 to roll out the new NelNet Commerce Manager payment platform for all county offices to accept credit card payments. This Commerce Manager is basic but flexible, and can handle payments for goods and services. Payments may include soil test kits, program books, registrations and 4-H Camp payments to name a few. We should not take payments from other OSU departments, payments for donations or payments for grants/contracts.

  10. American Income Life Insurance

    Jan 29, 2022

    For American Income Life Insurance, right now a PO is the only way to go (NON-CATALOG  Requisition TYPE). Please submit a requisition for your payment amount, but when you look them up in the system, note that their name is abbreviated there: