1. Purchase Order (PO) Assistance for Change Order or Closure

    Apr 22, 2022

    To submit a PO Change Order or Closure service request, please complete this webform

    Service Center Webform


  2. Blanket Purchase Orders

    Apr 18, 2022

    Blanket Orders are used for transactions that occur frequently, have a high variation of product types, have undetermined timing, and are not available in Buckeye Buy. Not to be used for 'GOODS', only Services.

    Accounts Payable advises users to include the service to be provided and frequency in the description line of the requisition. It will also be helpful to include the expected term agreement details in the memo to supplier field (example, $50.00/month for 12 months).  

    Please note: if this is a renewal PO, remember to inidicate the old PO# in a comment or memo box.

  3. Postage Equipment Leasing Blanket POs

    Apr 18, 2022

    Blanket Purchase Orders can be used for leasing postage equipment. Please use: Quadient Leasing and Pitney Bowes Inc. for the equipment leasing agreements. If your agreement is still current, you can upload that same agreement for each new Purchase Order for the years that it covers. Otherwise, please contact the company to obtain a new agreement to attach as a quote in the requisition.

  4. OPERS FORM Clarification

    Mar 23, 2022

    Clarification on OPERS form for vendor setup

    Previous guidance was that the OPERS form was needed with the vendor setup form when paying an individual for a service. It appears now that any payments (excluding reimbursements or miscellanenous payments for youth awards) to an individual, or sole proprietor, for goods or services requires the OEPRS form along with the vendor setup form (primarily for requisitions).

  5. Compreshensive Business Purpose Tells the Story

    Mar 19, 2022

    CFAES Finance created these BUSINESS PURPOSE HELPFUL HINTS overview and webpages (links below) to help ensure a complete 'Business Purpose' is part of every expense utilizing University money.

  6. Justify the WHY of Food Purchases

    Mar 17, 2022

    Better business justification needed on food/meal purchases- entries are telling what and who, but not really addressing the "why".

    Examples of a better justification:

  7. New Supplier Vendor Setup Form Reminder

    Dec 17, 2021

    REMINDER: work with the new suppliers to not send their Vendor Setup form to the address on the form, but to return it to you, to be uploaded into Workday. Sending to that address (BF-PRSM-Webform@osu.edu) will not get them added into the system.

    The form is to be updated, but until it is- be sure that you request it be sent to you.

    LINK to Vendor Setup Form

  8. Getting Contracts Signed

    Dec 16, 2021

    Contracts: Who Signs? Contract from FAES unit – Department Leader (may or may not need requisition Contract from other OSU unit – SFO (CCMwill facilitate, may or may not need requisition) Contract from external party
  9. Charter Bus Contracts

    Dec 8, 2021

    Chartering a bus must have an SA# (Spend Authorization) and in order to create that, the group that is traveling will need to be set up as an External Committee Member (ECM) in Workday.

  10. QUOTES in Marketplace

    Nov 30, 2021

    When ordering through a Buckeye Buy vendor, for services or goods, they will take your order and create a QUOTE, they then must upload that quote into Workday and will email you a Quote Number.

    You log into Workday, CREATE REQUISTION – Buckeye Buy Request – OK – Connect to Supplier Website – CONNECT – RoundTrip - next is to find that Quote...When working with vendors in Buckeye Buy that don’t have their own punchout sites, look for the quotes in the red box found in the RoundTrip popup window called Marketplace Quotes.