1. Local Checking Account Monthly Reporting

    Dec 15, 2020

    Reporting Checking Account Balances, Expenses and Income

    Offices with checking accounts are to report the previous month's bank statement date, balance and total of expenses and total of income from that statement. As part of the new monthly reporting process required by the University for Workday, complete the form below and upload the bank statement by the 3rd Monday in the ***OneDrive folder for your county.

    We will use your monthly net income/expense to update our total cash balance for local checking accounts on the University's general ledger.

  2. Checking Account- Outstanding Checks

    Apr 20, 2020

    Do not carry forward outstanding checks any farther than the life of a check- usually around 2 to 3 months… if not cleared, follow-up to see if it needs stop payment and re-written or voided.