Safeguard Checking Supply Order

Pegboard system supplies, by Safeguard. Ordering in bulk saves Extension more than 50% on these supplies, compared to counties ordering individually.

CASH RECEIPT SLIPS, CASH RECEIPT BOOK inserts and CASH DISBURSEMENT JOURNAL inserts can be ordered using the form below.

Other supplies, such as checks and covers, can be ordered directly from Safeguard with a local check, PCard or a Purchase Order. Company contact info: Sherry Freier,, 614-486-2752 Keep in mind that no logo image should be included, just text on the checks.

Please start an eRequest as an Internal Order with vendor as 'OSU Extension, Operations'- but don't sumbit it yet- use the PR# in form below and Patty will email an Invoice for you to attach in the eRequest and so you will have the amount to fill out the rest of the eRequest. Proceed with submitting for approval. Once approved your order will be mailed or routed to your office and a Journal entry will be made for payment.

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