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Wiser on Wednesdays: Resilient Leadership – June 23

This past year has been very challenging. It has affected each of us differently; some days you may have felt like you were on top of the world, and other days not so much. Luckily, people tend to adapt well to stressful situations and change, and that is due to resilience. According to, resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity. As much as resilience involves “bouncing back’ from these difficult experiences, it can also involve profound personal growth. 

The Center for Creative Leadership defines resilient leadership as “someone who demonstrates the ability to see failures as minor setbacks, with the tenacity to bounce back quickly. During this workshop, you will gain tools to deal with our next normal. Join Beth Flynn for this session, to be held from 1-2:30pm. Registration is required at This session will be recorded.