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Vaccination Self-Reporting Request

We need your help in planning public health measures for the fall. If you have been COVID-19 vaccinated, please share your vaccination information with the university through a simple online form so you can be counted in Ohio State’s overall vaccination rate. There are many vaccinated students, faculty, and staff for whom Ohio State does not currently have data; and the university would like a more accurate sense of the true vaccination rate of the university community. Sharing your status also will help inform decision-making about public health guidelines for the fall and better support underrepresented portions of our community. Individual information will not be shared with your managers. Even if individuals were vaccinated through the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center, please submit the information through this form, so it can be used in the university’s public health response. Medical privacy requirements limit what MyChart data can be shared. As more of the Ohio State community is vaccinated, the university plans to continue to relax health mandates, but needs good data to make those decisions. FAQs and other information are available at