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Hi friends...
Labor Day is upon us and I know we are all looking forward to a well-deserved, long weekend. I hope you will step away from the computer and turn off your phones (I go off the grid until Tuesday beginning at noon today). I encourage you all to make time for the things that matter most to you these next few days and beyond. Nothing is more important than our health and wellness and our family and friends. This point hit incredibly close to home this last week as a close member of my family experienced significant levels of anxiety and depression and I needed to turn in and toward the family. We can miss things, even when we are close. Be mindful, pay attention to how those around you are dealing with life and stress right now, reach out to those close to you and to those for whom family may not be near. We are quick to discuss physical health and well-being, but often so hesitant to discuss mental health and its impact on ones’ lives. There are so many things impacting mental health right now, including the direct impact of the virus, economic concerns, isolation for many, fear of the unknown, and issues of social unrest and racial injustices affecting our country, our communities, and our homes. I know how hard you work to help others in communities handle difficult times and build skills that matter. I encourage you to reach out and look to others for support when you need it as well. I did that this last week for my family and will continue to learn about the resources at the university and to always make sure that each of you know that mental health matters and that you are surrounded by those that care.