Vaccine Exemption Requests Due Today

Today is the last day to submit requests for medical, religious, and personal reasons for exemption from the vaccine mandate. There is no indication that this deadline will be extended. I urge you to submit your exemptions, regardless of the reason. It is my understanding that they will be quite liberal in accepting reasons for the request, if a good faith effort in drafting a request is made. More information about the exemptions allowed under this policy is available at

As has been described in the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes communications, the primary requirement attached to exemptions being approved is to obtain regular testing. While the details are still being figured out, there is a great desire to make testing as easy and affordable as possible – across the state. The goal of the university with this vaccine requirement is to make sure that as many individuals as possible are vaccinated; and for those who are not vaccinated to reduce, as much as possible, the potential for the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. I hope you will choose submitting your exemption request over pre-emptively choosing to resign. Every one of you is so very important to the success of this organization, and my hope is that we will all choose to stay and to work together to achieve our mission.