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NAE4-HYDP Recognizes Ohio 4-H Youth Development Professionals

A number of OSU Extension 4-H youth development colleagues were recently recognized at the 2022 annual conference of the National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP). NAE4-HYDP is the professional's organization for those dedicated to promoting, strengthening, enhancing, and advocating for the 4-H youth development profession.

  • Session Presenters: Amanda Raines (Your Thoughts Matter); Erin Dailey (Keeping Teens Involved in Camping and Beyond); Frances Foos (Moving Your Camping Professional Development Forward, 4-H Volunteers Going Virtual); Katie Cole (Tips for Teens Video Series); Larissa Hook (Managing Accommodation Requests of Youth with Disabilities); Robin Stone (Journey to the Extreme-Mission to Mars); and Rachel Stoneburner (Making Welcoming 4-H Clubs).
  • National Recognition: 25 Years of Service – Kirk Bloir, Jason Hedrick, Angie Holmes.
  • Meritorious Service AwardLaura Rohlf.
  • Distinguished Service AwardKelly Coble, Christy Millhouse, Robin Stone, Jenny Strickler.
  • Achievement in Service AwardAudrey Dimmerling, Frances Foos, Beth Guggenbiller, Michael Schweinsberg.
  • Excellence in Peer Professional Development AwardSarah Longo, Hannah Epley.
  • Promotional Piece-Individual Award  Alisha Faudie