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Budget Update and Stakeholder Engagement

There is nothing new to report right now regarding the budget. We are still working under a 5% cut for the state budget in the first quarter. We are awaiting the second quarter update from governor’s office as each quarter will be assessed separately and has a lot to do with state income and the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Counties reported approximately a 1-3% decrease total (reflects IT costs and minimum wage increase). As we cannot be guaranteed to experience an economic bounce-back by year-end, we will still need to work hard to diligently and effectively tell our story about our impact and the value we bring through our programming.   

Now is the time to share your Extension successes with stakeholders and funders as they look at their next fiscal year budgets and to be aware of ongoing needs as you present your proposals to local funders. We are working hard to advocate for additional state and federal dollars and partnership opportunities. Let’s all do our part to identify and share Extension and college impacts, the value we bring to Ohioans, and how we can help our stakeholders address the most critical issues facing our communities. Be sure to begin using the infographic templates as you tell the story of what you were able to accomplish in 2020.