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Live Healthy Live Well Email Wellness Challenge Offered This Fall

Join the Live Healthy Live Well six-week “Unwrap Your Gifts” email wellness challenge to expand your thinking about the “gifts” in your life.

Along with the weekly email message and a call to action for each week’s theme, we will host a five-part webinar series related to the challenge content. Topics will include: priceless gifts, nutrition, mental health, sustainability, self care, and decluttering. For those who like to make a game of it, we will have a bingo card for you to cross things off. You also have access to the Live Healthy Live Well blog site and our Family and Consumer Sciences Facebook page all year long. County employees in CEBCO counties will be able to earn wellness points for insurance.

Register by Oct. 28 by clicking on Answer a few questions, and you are ready to go. Online pre- and post-challenge surveys will be used to track participant progress and comments. Expect a pre-challenge message the week of Oct. 24 and the first challenge message the week of Oct. 31.