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CART Updates

-from the LOD Reporting and Evaluation Team

If you missed the original announcement about CART, it is the new OSU Extension Choose And RequesT (CART) electronic evaluation system, which enables you to collect basic program evaluation data as well as Evaluation of Effective Extension Teaching (EEET), and Race, Ethnicity, Gender (REG) data – all rolled into one easy-to-use application. Read more about it here…

We have some GREAT NEWS about CART – at least we think it’s great! We have found a solution so program participants will not have to enter an access code to view the evaluation that you order thru CART. All it takes is a simple update to your link. If you are sending a reminder to your participants to fill out a CART evaluation and didn’t receive instructions on Sept. 24 about how to update your link, contact Debby Lewis ( for assistance. The CART system has been updated so future “orders” placed will contain the new type of link.

There also have been some updates to the dashboards for you to access the data collected thru CART. The EEET dashboard for “primary” instructors (i.e., the person who submits the CART order) has been up and running for a couple months; and REG data was added to this dashboard last week. So, if you collected REG data using CART, you can now see a summary of responses. “Historical” EEET data (i.e., from our existing EEET database) should be accessible through this dashboard by the end of October. If you have submitted a EEET request through CART for multiple instructors, additional instructors will be able to view their data thru the EEET dashboard by the beginning of December. As promised, a “programmatic” dashboard is also in the works and should be available by mid-October. We hope these updates/improvements encourage you to use the CART system even MORE!