Focus Challenge Winners

Make the Time  

  • Jenny Lobb -- reorganized and redecorated her and husband's home office.  

  • Sarah Mays -- yoga that corresponds to stories with little ones; she and her daughter read and do yoga together.  

  • Shari Gallup -- participating in a 10K hike up Crazy Horse Mountain and hiking the Badlands  

  • Holly Ball -- made a true lifestyle shift, along with her husband, regarding losing weight and being more active.  

 Disconnect and Reconnect  

  • Tom deHaas -- I have been writing a weekly letter to my son and daughter since they started in college (September 2011).  

  • Mark Light -- I disconnected My Facebook account for a whole month; gained 60+ hours for the month.  

  • Pat Holmes -- intentionally shut off technology/social media; only listen to the news once a day; set aside time to do favorite things.  

  • Courtney Woelfl -- hold myself and others accountable to 45-50 min meetings; stepping away from the computer; doubling step count.  

 Close Your Eyes (Only two entries—We Need To Meditate More!)  

  • Michelle Stumbo— stopping and breathing for a few counts three times daily.  

  • Michelle Treber— participated in a Your Plan 4 Health Webinar on Mindful Emotion Management (refocus, reflect and breathe deeply).