Summer Camp Shirt Branding Reminder

Because I’ve had some questions recently, and because we’re blessed to be able to hold 4-H and other camps this summer – this is a quick reminder about branded apparel, especially for volunteers at camp. As the CFAES brand guidelines state, adult volunteer (in our case camp volunteer/staff) shirts need to be appropriately branded. Youth volunteer and camp attendee shirts do not require a CFAES logo or branding. This information is spelled out in the CFAES Faculty, Staff, and Student Guide to Branding and Producing Merchandise and Apparel (esp. page 5), per the university’s offices of Trademark and Licensing Services and Marketing as of January 2019. If you have questions about the brand requirements, contact the CFAES brand approval team ( or Cheryl Buck ( If you have questions about the purchasing process, especially with the move to Workday recently, connect with your Operations fiscal associate and/or Jesse Buxton (, county fiscal officer.   –Cheryl Buck, Extension communication manager