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In-person Programming Update

As first announced on April 22, we have been granted the ability to cease the in-person exemption process and, effective immediately, NO NEW in-person programming exemptions will need to be submitted for review – if there will be FEWER than 300 attendees. For this waiver of the in-person exemption process to remain in place, we MUST continue to ensure that all health and safety measures are followed, including physical distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing. We will still be required to take names for potential contact tracing, and only boxed meals are allowed. In-person programs with more than 300 attendees will still need an exemption. For the full in-person guidelines, see the OSU Extension Planning Guide for In-Person Meetings and Events.

4-H-specific updates: As shared with all 4-H professionals by Kirk Bloir, state 4-H leader, on April 28 – The updated OSU Extension guidance does apply to 4-H programming. This includes club meetings and other typical 4-H events (e.g., fundraisers, community service, other community engagement activities, etc.). Also, 4-H clubs can now meet as a larger group, as long as they adhere to COVID precautions – physical distancing, properly worn face masks, frequent hand hygiene, self-monitoring for symptoms. Buffets or potlucks are still not permitted; and local health department determinations must be followed (e.g., smaller group sizes, etc.).

If you are offering day camps only, you do NOT need to submit a facility plan. You do, however, need to continue to follow the camp guidance we’ve shared. Overnight camping facilities will still need to submit their plans, since it involves sleeping. 4-H fundraisers and community service projects may now take place. These 4-H events must also follow physical distancing, masking, and sanitizing guidance. Food booths are permitted with local health department approval. For other fundraisers involving food, food must be pre-packaged and having dine-in/sit-down dining is still not permitted.