OSU Extension Apparel Purchase Opportunity

As announced to the county staff listserv on April 30, an OSU Extension apparel store, handled by University Tees, is now open for order placement through May 12 at 12pm (noon). This is a short-term, individual-purchase online order option for Extension personnel (county-based staff, state unit staff) and Master Gardener Volunteers. No university money can be used for these purchases; these will be all be personal payments by each purchaser. Visit the online store to view the store merchandise and place your order. *See below for 4-H apparel information.

Note: Underneath Ohio State University Extension on the right chest area, you can add a specific unit name (with certain limits). At this time, the only choices for this spot are: your county name; Dayton Adventure Central; program area name (if you are a state-level employee of the program area); Operations or Urban Extension or Learning and Organizational Development (if you are a state-level employee of the unit); or Master Gardener Volunteer. Unfortunately, adding team or other unit names is not an option at this time. University Tees normally does not provide this much personalization on apparel, so the company is making an exception to provide these items per our request.

The custom name area on the right chest is for county, not individual names. You may also choose not to add a unit name; to do so, you can type n/a in that box so the system will accept your choice. There is also a character limit (per this particular online store), so if your county name does not fit in that space, we will adjust that for you before the master order is submitted.

*4-H apparel options: Due to turnaround time with the University Tees store option, the items in this particular online store do not have the 4-H clover as an option on them. However, the state 4-H office is working on this option, and more information will be available soon.

Important items to remember:

  • Employees should not purchase apparel items and be reimbursed using university funds.
  • Offices should not purchase apparel items to sell to employees. Any items that an office purchases for employees must be given to the employee, and taxable income paperwork must be filed for the items.
  • If you have any questions about apparel purchasing via your office or creating group apparel orders – you must first talk with Jesse Buxton (buxton.26@osu.edu).
  • Also refer to the CFAES merchandise guidelines at brand.cfaes.ohio-state.edu/guidelines/brand-guidelines/merchandise and Ohio State merchandise guidelines at brand.osu.edu/merchandise.
  • Ohio State is working on a new permanent, ongoing individual purchase option. University Tees is the only approved Ohio State licensee who can do custom orders like this right now; and the state 4-H office opportunity will be the only other approved option for ordering branded apparel at this time.
  • Depending on how the other university option proceeds, we may be able to offer our store again later for a limited time.

Contacts: If you have questions about this online store order, you can connect with Cheryl Buck (buck.19@sou.edu). If you have questions about the purchasing process, especially with the move to Workday recently, connect with your Operations fiscal associate and/or Jesse Buxton (buxton.26@osu.edu), county fiscal officer.