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Minding the Brand: Talking about Templates

Creating marketing materials takes time. It is our hope that the creation of an Extension brand folder within Adobe Express provides timesaving support to you in the future as you create program flyers, research posters, social media graphics, meeting agendas, and more.   

Over the past few months, more than 50 of your colleagues — in a multitude of roles — have been experimenting with Express alongside us. They were quick to confirm that Express will be a powerful marketing tool for Extension moving forward.   

Based on the comments your peers volunteered as we explored Express’s capabilities early on, we opted to invest a tremendous amount of time building out the brand folder that exists today.   

 The Extension brand folder in Express contains a robust library of templates, icons, logos, and more. You can work within Express solo or collaboratively with peers.  

Using Express will ease the load of creating marketing materials that align with Ohio State’s brand standards. It truly was built out with each of you in mind.   

If you’re more comfortable using PowerPoint, InDesign, or another program, that is okay. You can still use the examples provided in Express as visual references, so you don’t have to create everything from scratch, and you can see how branding elements work together.   

You should have received an email last week notifying you that you’ve been added to a brand folder called Extension in Express. Follow the link in the email, use your name.# to log in, and then access the brand folder (you’ll find a shield shape with the letter B in it on the left side of the screen). A brand folder titled “Extension” will appear in the main part of your screen. Select it to access all of its content.  

We acknowledge that the brand folder we’ve created is not yet complete. There are still items in the works (especially materials co-branded with Ohio 4-H). More work is planned, we promise – but you will still find a rich base of materials ready for you now.   

Lastly, we do not expect you to teach yourself how to navigate Express. Marissa is organizing multiple group training sessions (see dates and times below). We will continue to hold training sessions until demand and participation wanes. The following are dates and times of the next opportunities to learn Express:  

In the meantime, explore in Express as your schedule permits and let Marissa know if you have any questions.   

As always, if you have specific brand-related questions, contact Marissa. And if you have overall questions related to Minding the Brand initiative, connect with Cheryl. Open communication is key to understanding and making this initiative successful for Extension at large.