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JCEP Meeting Reminder for June 6 and Website Update

-per Gigi Neal, JCEP president

The next meeting of the Ohio Joint Council of Extension Professionals will be held June 6 on main campus at the Ag Administration building. Committee chairs and associations will keep you posted about their specific meetings and briefings.

JCEP content on our Extension website has been moved from a “home” on the state website to the Operations website. All of the go links point to the new main page. Please use one of these links to reach the JCEP page:

If you use specific links to any sub-pages within the JCEP content, please double check and update your link accordingly, because they likely direct to the old location; this includes various sub-committees and links to forms. If you find any errors or have information that needs to be updated on the Ohio JCEP pages, contact Cheryl Buck at