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Honoring the late Duane Rigsby

-reprinted from a previous message with our respects to the South Centers staffDuane Rigsby and daughter

The Ohio State University South Centers, the college, and Ohio State lost a beloved friend and colleague recently with the passing of Duane Rigsby. Duane was one of the first staff members hired at CFAES South Centers when it first opened in 1991. His importance to South Centers cannot be overstated. It seemed he was ever-present and always the first person anyone thought to call whenever there was a problem. Duane kept all the computer and phone systems working, took lots of pictures and recorded videos, kept the water flowing, and made sure everyone felt safe and comfortable with his knowledge of security and HVAC systems.

Duane was an historian  with a deep knowledge and appreciation of the history of South Centers, especially keeping up with former staff members. He had collected a treasure trove of photos and memories over his 30-plus years in Piketon and loved to impart his knowledge and experiences to newer generations of employees.

He was always there to help anyone, no matter what the need.  Perhaps Duane’s co-workers will most remember him for his willingness to help anyone with anything, and always with a smile and patience.  He once jokingly said, “not many IT guys wear work boots,” which perfectly encapsulated his “not afraid to get his hands dirty” attitude. He would happily plow snow, unclog a toilet, or dig a ditch, just the same as if he were fixing a printer. If it needed doing, he was always there to get it done.

Duane was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and son. You can read his full obituary online. And if you wish to make a gift to the university in Duane’s honor, two funds are especially related to Duane’s legacy.