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Mental Health Resources List and Farm Stress Certified Provider Directory are Now Available

Since spring 2022, the Farm Stress Team in Extension and colleagues in the College of Social Work have hosted a Farm Stress Certified continuing education course ( Mental health providers who complete all three modules of the course can choose to be listed on our statewide Farm Stress Certified directory. CFAES also has an asynchronous version available at

 This list is intended to be a resource for individuals who may wish to see a licensed therapist or counselor who has some specific training and knowledge about common stressors and experiences faced by farmers, agricultural workers, and residents of rural areas. We are adding professionals every day to this directory.

The attached Extension Mental Health Resources summary contains information about other sites and resources that are available. These may be helpful if you have a client who asks about mental health resources or seems like they may need some support.

Kudos also, to the many of our OSU Extension professionals who work to address mental health issues with our peers, colleagues, and community partners. There are many ways in which our teams help all Ohioans with these concerns. Check out information, updates, and resources at If you need resources or additional information, contact Bridget Britton, Extension field specialist, behavioral health, at