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Field Research Safety Training Recording is now Available

CFAES field research safety training was held in early March. For those who could not attend, the recording is now available at CFAES faculty, staff, and students who conduct research outside of a research laboratory should review the recording; and researchers should create a field research safety plan. Additional CFAES Safety and Compliance information can be found at:

This is the agenda from the training with the time stamp for each section:

  • Field Research Safety Best Practices and Working with Site Managers (2:36) – planning and communication, driving safety, severe weather; sun and heat exposure
  • Ticks and Tick-vectored Disease in Ohio (29:21)
  • CFAES Safety Website Resources (101:17) – Ohio State Fleet Policy 2.72, field teaching and research safety plans, worker protection standards and training, PPE, equipment hazards, tractor/skid loader/UTV safety, load securement
  • Questions? (144:10)