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Extension Sponsored Program Officer Update for the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)

Previous sponsored program officers (SPOs) working with Extension have left OSP; and currently, there is no permanent SPO assigned to the workload due to staffing shortages. However, there is a sense of urgency on OSP’s part to hire a new SPO as soon as possible. In the interim, Cheryl Sowash, (, assistant director, will be trying to provide coverage for this workload (along with several others).

When communicating with OSP, please include in the subject line of your email an award, grant, or PA-005 number, along with the specific request (this will help OSP locate the individual project quicker). In the interim, the Grant Development Support Unit team is willing to field questions and assist our Extension professionals with their current grant portfolio, up to the point that an action need completed by the SPO. GDSU will coordinate with the respective cost center manager. For proposal development services, the GDSU team is willing to assist to the best of their ability, based upon the current volume of requests for services. Referrals for assistance in developing a proposal budget, sponsor documents, and proposal submission can be completed at, by clicking on the “Request Services” button.

Additional insight: Check out these Extension FAQ and Sponsored Project or Gift? summaries that provide a few more details and some helpful insight about working with external funding.