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Extension Management Taskforce Update

The OSU Extension Management Task Force continues to meet and examine the management structure to determine optimal ways to lead and support county operations and the system. Based on the direction of Dean Kress and OSU Extension Leadership, the focus remains on supporting our OSU Extension faculty and staff. Over the course of the last few months, the task force has concentrated on what is important to OSU Extension’s core (the non-negotiables) and has examined priorities using a concentric circles exercise. 

Most recently, the task force was given a financial overview of OSU Extension funding from federal, state, and local appropriations and how the distribution of those funds is dispersed across the system. The financial overview also included a historical snapshot of how base funding has changed over the last five years. 

The CFAES Human Resource Business Partners (HRBP) joined the task force to discuss challenges and opportunities within our existing structure, highlighted a need within our structure to better support our workforce, and reduce the strain of the current area leader position. With support from task force members, the HRBP plan to remain involved with the work of the task force to provide guidance as plans evolve. The task force also heard from several area leaders about the successes and demands of serving in the role.  

Kim Winslow, CFAES priority projects and corporate relations specialist, has been added as a member of the task force. 

Moving forward, the task force has identified Megan Arnold as the chair, Amanda Douridas as co-chair, and three work groups that include:  

  • OSU Extension Structure Review Sub-Committee: charged with gathering and summarizing feedback about the current model.  

  • Other Extension Models Sub-Committee: charged with reviewing benchmark institution Extension structures and reviewing the various OSU Extension management models of the past.  

  • Communication Sub-Committee: Ensures the documentation and communication to the system.