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2023 Ohio 4-H Foundation Endowment Match Update

The Ohio 4-H Foundation has voted to continue its match for the 2023 Ohio 4-H calendar year. As a reminder, this opportunity is open to all 88 counties even if you do not have an endowment but have an Ohio State gift fund. Here is the official language:

  • The Ohio 4‐H Foundation will give $1,000 to each county that does any one of the following (or combo of both): raises $1,000 for their county 4‐H endowment (Ohio State fund); raises $1,000 for their county 4‐H current use fund (Ohio State fund).
  • The county may use $1,000 in funds for any purpose determined by the county 4‐H professional with input from others in the county, such as the county advisory committee, or county elected officials.
  • The county can choose if the match will be paid to endowment principal, current use fund, or to a 4-H camp.

If you have any questions, contact Crystal Ott, 4-H Foundation manager, at