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University Purchasing Methods Prioritization

The state of Ohio laws and Ohio State Board of Trustees govern university procurement practices. Ohio State is a purchase order-driven organization; and we are encouraged to use POs whenever possible to allow the university to track spending by goods/services. Purchasing methods are prioritized as follows, regardless of dollar value.*

    1. Internal supplier orders: When goods and services are available from internal suppliers, those sources must be used when they meet required specifications.
    2. MarketPlace orders: When not available from internal suppliers, goods and services must be purchased from the MarketPlace, available through Workday.
    3. Non-catalog or special requests: When goods and services are not available from internal suppliers or the MarketPlace, when special instructions cannot be provided any other way, or when an emergency dictates the order be expedited, a non-catalog/special request may be placed.
      1. Non-catalog/special requests must be made with existing suppliers whenever possible. Use of new suppliers requires additional approvals and can therefore delay purchases and add internal expense.
      2. Non-catalog/special requests must be reviewed by Purchasing and can be altered as needed to meet requirements set by Supply Chain.
    4. PCards must be used in accordance with the PCard policy.
    5. Reimbursement: – Reimbursement to individuals for purchases made with personal resources is not a standard purchasing method, but may be permitted in rare circumstances. See the Expenditures policy.

*Purchase of goods greater than $25,000 and services greater than $50,000 requires a competitive bidding process facilitated through Purchasing. For more information, view the Purchasing Policy and the Policy on Purchasing and Competitive Bidding. If you have questions, contact your cost center manager.