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OSU Extension Exterior Office Signage Update

As announced via an all-Extension message on March 10: as part of our ongoing brand update to incorporate the new Extension mark, we have updated the Extension office exterior sign design. The Extension mark now replaces the CFAES logo, CFAES tag, and college name on the design. This has been approved with University Marketing as the official new design for our exterior (meaning wayfinding) signs – what should be used until someone crosses the threshold of your office entrance.

See examples of the new sign design in the attached signage guide. The CFAES Marketing team has created a signage toolkit for our use (link included below). When and if you are changing your exterior office signs (i.e. because they are worn out or you are moving), you should use the updated design to have a local vendor create your new signs.

Note: your current office signage is fine as is for now, if it is still in good shape. However, if you have an older version of outside signage with now-obsolete logos or anything besides the existing design, please update your signage as soon as possible. Also be planning ahead: add a task to your office plan of work to replace and update all exterior signage by year-end 2024.

As always, if this type of exterior signage is not allowed by your building owner or manager – or if you have a unique or shared office arrangement, we can help with alternative options.

As of this point, the cost to update/change your office exterior signs or interior directional signs should be considered part of ongoing office/building maintenance within your local budget. Please note: this process requires a Workday requisition; Pcards and local checking accounts are not an option for sign payment. (confirmed via Jesse Buxton)

Signage toolkit: You can use the information in the toolkit folder to work through the process. The guidelines and examples are included in the ​Folder icon toolkit. Remember, as with all other branded items, your final design layouts for all signs must be submitted to the CFAES brand team for review and approval. The email address is included on the sign guide. Please contact Cheryl Buck, Extension communication manager, at if you have any questions.