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Apply for 2022-2023 Engagement Grants by April 15

Faculty (all ranks and titles) and/or faculty-led teams are eligible to apply. Grants will be awarded at the maximum amount of $20,000 to support:

  • impact report of an existing university-sponsored/facilitated outreach and engagement program, performance, exhibition, or similar program;
  • impact report of a community-based organization’s program, performance, exhibition, or initiative for the purpose of establishing a partnership or enhancing an ongoing relationship;
  • development of a public policy document or impact report in partnership with community organization;
  • development or implementation of a program, performance, exhibition, or initiative based upon previous research, assessment, or public input; or
  • enhance or expand program that extends community access to the university, broadly defined.

Funding may be used to support release time, undergraduate, graduate student or post-doc time, supplies, materials, incentives according to university policy, program materials, travel, meetings or data collection and analysis. The deadline to apply is April 15; learn more and apply online at