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Ohio NACAA is on Their Game

Congratulations to the Ohio NACAA members who had research and/or Extension education posters accepted for presentation at the NACAA AM/PIC in September. We represent 10% of the entire poster session nationally! 

Extension Education Posters: 10 out of 121 from Ohio 

  • Mary Griffith, Trevor Corboy, John Barker, Chris Bruynis (2), Kathy Bruynis, Jacqueline Kowalski, Chris Penrose, Mike Estadt, Garth Ruff              

Research Posters: 8 out of 62 from Ohio 

  • Jim Jasinski, David Marrison, Eric Richer, Chris Zoller, Ed Lentz, Mary Griffith, Mark Badertscher, and Tim Wiseman                 

Thank you for all of your hard work in ANR and for the continued commitment to research and Extension and the translation of your work to our residents of Ohio and beyond. Well done!