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4-H Camp BuckeyeFunder

Don't forget that the 4-H Camp BuckeyeFunder campaign runs through June 18 at

While the intangible parts of camps are happening online this summer, it is also important to continue to financially invest in our physical camps for the future – helping to maintain our on-site camp professionals and our facilities, so they are ready to invest again in youth as soon as we can get kids back on the grounds! Our staff and our campers are working hard online and remaining positive; and we appreciate everyone’s continued support to help fulfill their visions of a great future. The camps represented in the campaign are those that chose to participate based on their need. Feel free to visit the link and share the URL to help others participate in the collective effort as well. You can also look for things on the Ohio 4-H Facebook page to reshare. Hashtag to promote: #4HCampNeedsYouNow.