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Daily Health Check: Health Reporting App Pilot

As you likely saw in the All-CFAES message earlier today, beginning this weekend, our college is one of seven units (including athletics, dentistry, and the Office of Research) who will begin participating in the health reporting app pilot for the university. President Drake is expected to announce the initiative this weekend. What this means is that we will be receiving information on how to download and use the app functions via go live in Compass and/or The Ohio State App. This will replace the need for emailing your daily health check to your supervisor, because he or she will receive a dashboard update rather than a series of emails. The intention is to be an early adopter of the app and to help identify additional improvements and functionality before it goes into effect for the entire university. The app may not work perfectly out of the gate, but it should increase ease in reporting and includes the next steps for reporting if anyone indicates “yes” for any of the three daily health check questions. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, and thank you for being willing to always be on the leading edge within the university.