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Thoughts from the Director

Hi friends...
During this staff appreciation week (July 27-31), Extension Administrative Cabinet members want to express how truly grateful we are for all that you do to carry out the mission of Extension every day in partnership with one another and in your communities. We feel this way all of the time, but we are especially appreciative for how you are all responding to the added challenges of living and working during the pandemic. These are truly uncharted times and can often feel like we are constantly trying to predict the unpredictable or set a path and then have to take a side road to get to our destination. We commend you for your courage to try new technology and lead when it would be easier to simply wait it out, your patience and flexibility when new information comes that requires adjustments in our daily lives, and your commitment to serving Ohioans and supporting one another.   

For all who are trying to find work/life balance, who are trying to figure out schools and childcare, who are caring for family members, who may be feeling isolated or overwhelmed—or are just simply fatigued by the many daily challenges and changing life circumstances… know that we care and value you and the many amazing ways you are handling and thriving in these circumstances.  

We appreciate you more than we can ever fully express! Thank you!