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Thoughts from the Director

Hi friends...
As we approach the fall and look toward what our lives and work will look like over the next few months, I know there are many questions and challenges we have yet to figure out. This will continue to require us to be extremely flexible and understanding about various aspects of our work and how we will approach planning, scheduling, programming, teaching, learning, and engaging. We have begun our phased re-opening of offices with initial plans that can and must be modified as the spread of COVID -19 is regularly considered.  We are beginning to open up some opportunities for targeted, time-sensitive, in-person programming via the new exemption process for those programs that cannot viably be achieved virtually. We will also soon be looking at any additional needs for ongoing telework and how to balance the logistics of schools reopening, the university opening to research and students, child care access, health considerations, and other factors important to designing telework plans that will work as things expand and contract over time.  With the increased spread of COVID-19 across many counties in Ohio and with the anticipated ongoing density/capacity constraints for repopulating offices and classrooms, it is safe to predict that telework will be in place through at least the end of calendar year 2020. Look for more information soon about how to request accommodations, when needed, and other aspects of longer-term telework. 

I hope this weekend brings you rest, relaxation, and time for reflection on the good things happening in your lives.