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Strategic Alignment Update

We are continuing to make progress on our strategic alignment efforts, and we have contracted with a third-party consultant to engage with us for active listening sessions. These sessions will occur in August and September. One session is with the Extension Leadership Team; three will be held with state level advisory councils; three will be held with our statewide campuses (faculty, students, and staff); and three will be held with volunteers. The dates and known times are listed below. I hope you will plan to join us for one of the statewide campus listening sessions. Please also continue to save the dates for our area visits in October and November (locations to be determined soon).

Listening for Perspective (July – November 2021): 
Stakeholder Facilitated Listening Sessions (one onsite, nine online August-Sept.) 

One facilitated Extension Leadership Team (ELT) session  

  • Aug. 12 (1-4 pm during the ELT meeting) 

Three facilitated online Listening Sessions for Extension faculty, staff, students  

  • Aug. 16, 1-3pm  

  • Aug. 30, 10am-12 noon 

  • Sept. 8, 10am-12 noon 

Three facilitated online Advisory Group Listening Sessions  

  • Sept. 13 Extension Internal Advisory Council (online) 1 – 4pm  

  • Sept. 27 State Extension Advisory Council (online) 

  • Sept. 27 Extension Partnership Advisory Council (online) 

Three online sessions with volunteers facilitated by OSU Extension professionals 

Local advisory committees facilitated by area leaders (more info to come soon) 

Area Visits (five onsite, one online) 10am-2pm: Connect with colleagues, engage in professional development, and hear updates. 

  • Oct. 4 

  • Oct .11 

  • Oct. 22  

  • Nov. 8 

  • Nov. 22  

  • Nov. 23 (online)