Return-to-Office Survey Update

The Return-to-Office survey was launched on May 14 to 707 recipients, and we received more than 648 responses (a nearly 92% response rate). The results will be used to identify similar concerns and/or needs that can inform current and ongoing approaches to RtO; aid in looking at evolving policies and approaches to supporting life/work balance; and provide insight into the types of support and training needed/desired (e.g., managing stress, learning new technologies). 

As a reminder, these results will be shared with everyone in both summary and raw data form with any possibilities of identification removed. The summary for the aggregated quantitative data is available now at:  

The data party volunteers met this week to begin their reviewing and making meaning of the data. Thank you to those who volunteered to participate in this service to our organization – Christina Byrd, Marianne Guthrie, Courtney Woelfl, Bridget Britton, Susan Zies, Sarah Carpenter, Jennifer Lobb, Faye Wilson, Thallia Blight, Misty Harmon, and Gwynn Stewart. The team will be sharing more information about what they discovered during the next director’s video update on Aug. 25.