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OSU Extension Keys Update

Thank you to the approximately 600 participants in the keys workshops. From February 11 until June 24, the LOD team conducted 34 sessions for the Extension organization. Of those 600 participants, 555 (75%) participated in the poll expressing their level of agreement with the keys and the behavior statements. This is the final calculation from the aggregated polls (N=555): 

Key Values Level of Agreement


All groups were asked to pick their top values, and a word cloud was created. This is the final word cloud from all of those who participated: 

Word Cloud from Survey


The team also received 88 thoughtful open-ended comments that are being sorted and analyzed. 

Next Steps: Learning and Organizational Development (LOD) will lead the effort to create the next iteration of these core values, along with the individuals who made up the original Disney team (Rob Leeds, Jeff McCutcheon, Nicole Debose, Pam Montgomery, Christy Leeds). After the next version is created, the materials will be made available to everyone to read and reflect upon (around late August/early September). There will be time to provide more comments this fall. In December at the Extension Annual Conference, we will have a final version of our core values (keys) ready.