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Just-in-Time Equity Dialogue Guides

A resource has been developed to help guide conversations with youth, ages 12-18, to support meaningful and direct conversations. The Just-in-Time Equity Dialogue Guides provide facilitators with a framework in which to have honest and transparent conversations with youth on current social justice issues. They may be helpful for having conversations among ourselves, as Extension professionals, too. 

Drawing from news headlines and current events, youth will be challenged to critically think about topics such as race, racism, and marginalization.  The goal in developing this guide: provide a format to support educators’ and youths’ learning and understanding of current social justice and equity issues we are facing as a nation.  We believe the deliberative format will allow youth the space to develop and sustain conversations vital to becoming informed and engaged citizens.   

The Just-in-Time Equity Dialogue Guides are meant to simulate conversations and spark greater questions for youth as well as educators. To support these efforts, the guide which includes six (6) lessons, is also accompanied by a resource guide of readings, videos, and other informative content on covered and related topics.  

To support educators with use of the guides, the development team will be hosting a webinar on July 23 at 2pm ET.  The Zoom information can be found below: 

Just in Time Race Equity Dialogues for Youth:  A webinar discussion on the newly created resources for guided dialogue with youth. Webinar link. Register for the webinar HERE.

All participants are welcome to learn more about this timely 4-H resource.  We believe we have developed a guide that will begin to open the door for meaningful and honest conversations with and among youth, educators, and staff who support them across the 4-H system.