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Extension Readiness for Return to Offices Survey

On May 22, 2020, OSU Extension Administration sent a “Return-to-Office Readiness Survey” to 743 employees to access our personnel viewpoint in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. When the survey closed on June 12, almost 96% (n=713) of Extension employees had responded. Our LOD team has been working feverishly to make the results available to everyone to review.  

The OSU Extension Return to Office Readiness Survey Statewide Quantitative Summary report contains the statewide quantitative summary and is available at

A special thank you goes out to Debby Lewis and Dawnn Brown for creating separate reports for each administrative area and program area to allow for administrative leaders to look at the quantitative data to help with assisting with effective return-to-office approaches that are personalized by those whom they serve.  

Qualitative responses to open-ended questions will be shared later this week. They will not be separated by administrative area, and any identifying data will be removed prior to posting the responses. 

In addition, our LifeWorks Task Force will be reviewing and discussing the results to identify any recommendations that it might have for leadership and HR as we continue to navigate our work at home and in the statewide campus offices. 

We will be sharing and discussing the results of the survey with everyone in multiple ways over the next few weeks and months.