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Welcome to 2023

Whether you make new year’s resolutions or not, there’s a lot to consider as you think about your overall purpose and plan of action for the upcoming year. As you think about those plans, possibilities, projects, and much more, remember also there seems to be no shortage of special “months” to celebrate! For example, January alone is National Blood Donor Month, Mental Wellness Month, Poverty Awareness Month, Eye Care Month, Financial Wellness Month, and International Creativity Month, just to name a few. Go ahead – we know you want to Google it now! As you serve Ohioans this year, remember that many of these topics and resources tie in well with the work you and your colleagues are already doing. And other topics might give you some food for thought in the days ahead! These can provide some great ideas for unique ways to connect with our audiences around the state.

We’re glad you’re working with OSU Extension in 2023. We welcome your expertise, passion, enthusiasm, and creativity – every month of the year!