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Skype for Business, Teams or University-Provided Phone Service Helpful Tips

If you have questions, requests, or need to report an issue with your Skype for Business or other university-provided phone service, or to report issues with Teams, here are some helpful tips. To open a request and generate a help ticket:

  • IT Service Desk link is
  • Enter a short description of your incident or request.
  • Choose the correct category: Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Telecommunications and CATV, etc.
  • Include a good call-back number and email.
  • Include details of the question, problem, or request and include your office location (building/room)(if you're remote include the OSU location you would go to if you went into the office). Worktag information for requests to add Skype voice. For calling issues, include the phone number having issues and if there are specific calls include called/calling number, date, time of call.
  • Attach any files of audio recordings, screen shots, etc.