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KX connects researchers, Extension professionals, decision-makers, and communicators to share, explore, and engage with the world-class research from CFAES at Ohio State.


  • KX actively partners with researchers, Extension professionals, and other colleges at Ohio State. Our goal? To bring great minds together and make connections between individual research projects. To understand what those connections mean.
  • We believe knowledge should be accessible to everyone, and we’re always looking for new ways to share what we know with our communities.


  • Our integrators stay engaged with researchers, specialists, Extension educators, faculty, and staff to explore the important work happening in our college and the potential impact of that work for the state and region. Integrators focus on the people, their research, and the big questions being asked in CFAES. How do we solve water quality issues? What can we do to address food insecurity? Who should collaborate to improve the health of livestock, crops, and communities?
  • Last year, we focused on the food system. You’ll find information on our site about how researchers are addressing food security, recent publications around soil health, a new podcast series highlighting emerging research, and a new product, our KX 101, offering the basics around water quality and agriculture.
  • In 2022, we’ll examine human, animal, and environmental health to showcase the connections between the research in CFAES surrounding this topic.


  • KX is committed to the ideals of knowledge, exploration, interdisciplinary communication, and outreach in the context of food, agriculture, and environmental sciences. Our work seeks to reflect each of these ideals in a unique way. We explore research within larger themes of water quality, food security, farm stress, and health.
  • Visit the current research around wateragricultural sustainability, and food waste.