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Ask an Expert to Ask Extension Transition

Ask an Expert will be changing over to a new platform, Ask Extension, on February 1. All OSU Extension employees with any percentage of an Extension appointment (except those on grants/special circumstances) are expected to be signed in and answer questions in the system. You will need to “claim your account” by February 1 to have access to the new system. Instructions are below.

Answering questions in the system can be a benefit to all and may be included on your Vita: reporting contacts, information shared, an opportunity to include in your responses any links to your programs/units for promotion, connecting with your community/area, and representing Extension to the world. This is an opportune time to work with the public while our offices are not open full-time yet, providing an online forum as a service to the community.

Basic requirements for this process have been that questions get an answer within 36 hours before reminders are sent; questions that take longer to answer are copied to supervisors; no one marks yourself as “Away” other than what matches your timesheet; “research-based” answers are given; and questions are given back to the wranglers (not to the Ask system) if you cannot answer it.

This new sign-in time is the perfect time to check your profile, edit as needed, and add or update tags (what you are willing to answer questions about). We encourage collaboration on answering, especially new employees to have answers reviewed before submitting to the system.

Click here to get the step-by-step instructions for Ask Extension sign-up by February 1.