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County Website Content Update

Extension Administration has just finished a brief review and a few minor adjustments of some basic information on the county websites. These adjustments were as follows: 

  • Intro text on the 4-H Youth Development landing page was replaced with several new paragraphs provided via the state 4-H office. 

  • The Special Accommodations callout box and link on the 4-H landing page were checked. 

  • No individual county content on the 4-H landing page was changed. That remains as is, below the general state content and special accommodation notice. 

  • On the About section landing page, the welcome statement was adjusted to read “Welcome to OSU Extension in XXX County.” If the statement was no longer on the page, it has been added back to the page at the very top. 

  • No individual county content added to the About landing page was changed. 

  • The top tabs across each website were reviewed. Per previous decision when the county websites were built, only the tabs titled XXX County, Program Areas, Events, News, About, and OSU Extension are to be shared at the top of the page – and that direction remains true today. Supporting web content can be added as sub-pages, links, and other resources under those main headings. If an extra tab is live on a county website, Cheryl Buck will be reaching out to your county to get that fixed as soon as possible. 

As we review web content in general this year, we may make some other tweaks in administrative-level content over time. We will not make any changes to individual county web content. If you have any questions, contact Cheryl Buck, Extension communication manager, at