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Infographic Templates – Reminder to Check Online and Use CFAES Brand Resources

As announced last fall, we have developed a variety of branded, Extension-focused infographic templates for your use as you prepare to report local impacts to county commissioners, other stakeholders, clientele, and the general public. The files are posted at

The files have been created in PowerPoint and InDesign. The majority are 8 ½” x 11” in size, but we also have several half-page vertical and horizontal options (in PowerPoint only). There are options for each program area, as well as SNAP-Ed and EFNEP options, with varying backgrounds, icons, image boxes, and formats. There are also six “general” options that provide layouts combining all four program areas in one document, as well as subsets of the program areas that might be available in your county.

A file with instructions for adjusting items within the templates is also posted for your use. Please note: These templates provide suggested layouts, short statements, and items to highlight. You can change the information as you see fit, mix and match the layout elements, and rearrange as necessary to tell YOUR local story best. Modify the templates as needed to summarize and promote your local programming most effectively. This includes icons; you can change out any icon that does not resonate with your local program(s).

You can also create your own layouts as long as you include the basic brand requirements (college logo + CFAES tag + brand colors + brand fonts). Important: Any and all documents you create must be reviewed by the CFAES Brand Team prior to printing or production – even if you do not adjust the layout on any of these templates. Following this practice is much appreciated; and more info about the approval process is posted on any of the CFAES template landing pages.

You can also visit for more marketing resources. If you have questions about the infographic instructions, contact Cheryl Buck, Extension communication manager, at