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Innovation in Extension – Virtual Chat on March 2

A virtual chat on Innovation in Extension is scheduled for March 2 at 2pm. Note that you need to have a Connect Extension account to participate in virtual chats. Cooperative Extension professionals can register for a free Connect Extension account at Virtual chats are a text-based engagement.

Chat description: “The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all of our lives in countless ways. Each of us has had to change and innovate on all fronts, including in our work. One of the outcomes of the pandemic are the varied and creative ways in which Extension professionals are adapting and innovating, as we continue to deliver on our promise of enhancing lives through research-based information. The innovations are in many different areas, and aren’t simply focused on technological innovation. We are excited to have a conversation about the evolving meaning and nature of innovation in Extension, and the best practices that are emerging in this unprecedented time…” Check online for more information.