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OSU Extension Trust Edge Survey

As many of you are aware, Extension is conducting an organization-wide employee survey. We are conducting this survey to get a better understanding of employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement at OSU Extension. Your opinions are important to us, and this survey is your chance to express those opinions. We will use the survey results for three purposes:

  • To recognize and build upon our organizational strengths.
  • To identify areas where additional improvements are necessary.
  • To continue enhancing our organizational culture, focusing on our Extension Keys and the eight pillars in Trusted Leader.

The survey is being managed by an independent survey company. This outside company will host the survey and collect your responses online. All responses will remain strictly anonymous. We will not be able to trace individual responses back to you. OSU Extension managers will only see aggregated data for groups of four or more respondents. If an individual manager has fewer than four direct reports, those responses will be combined and shared as part of the aggregated data for the group reporting to the next manager “up the org chart.” Please be thoughtful, honest, and candid when you complete the survey.

Once the report is made available to us (anticipated early to mid-April), we will share the results with the entire organization so you can see for yourself how we are doing. After the survey is completed, the Extension Leadership Team will meet with groups to discuss plans to continue our work to create a culture based on trust, inclusion, care, adaptability, and efficiency that positions us to be an employer of choice and a champion of the land-grant mission. As of Feb. 22, we have a 30% response rate. We would like to get 100% participation to ensure that each and every employee's voice is heard. When you receive the survey request, please give it your prompt attention.

Notes: People hired after November 2022 will not get the survey. The employee list had to be pulled in November, and adding new people is not possible now. The survey link in each email is unique to that individual; it should NOT be forwarded or used by someone else. When a question says “supervisor,” that means the employee’s direct supervisor/manager – the person who has management responsibility for that employee and performs the performance review. When a question says “Extension Administrative Cabinet,” that means the director, associate director, associate chair, assistant directors (4-H, FCS, ANR, CD), directors (LOD, Strategic Initiatives and Urban Engagement, Operations, Publishing), communication manager.