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Cybersecurity for You (C4U) Update

Cybersecurity is a hot topic this year, with recent data breaches compromising user security and new regulations proposed in Congress. Advancements in personal technology and confusing consumer privacy policies can make it seem exceedingly difficult to protect your digital life. Completing C4U activities will allow you to:

  • Discover university technologies and learn about cybersecurity efforts in our “OSU & You” series. Topics include: discussing the importance of privacy and how our community is taking action to protect Ohio State; reporting and avoiding falling for phishing scams; sending documents securely utilizing Office 365’s tools; incident reporting and how to handle potential data loss; and how to safely use new cloud services.
  • Understand what cookies are and what you allow when you accept cookies
  • Be vigilant about social engineering scams
  • Keep yourself (and your refund) secure this tax season
  • Recognize which apps are tracking your location
  • Learn how to keep your privacy with smart speakers in your home

Don’t forget that each activity you complete gets you one step closer to a variety of digital rewards! Ohio State is thinking of every way possible to keep you and other Buckeyes safe. Thank you for being part of the solution to reduce the risk of cyber threats by visiting Cybersecurity for You at