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Extension Publishing Update: 2021 by the Numbers

-shared by Jane Wright, interim assistant director of Extension Publishing unit, and 4-H curriculum manager

Extension professionals were busy as ever this past year; the evidence is in all of the content creation that took place among Extension professionals. Extension Publishing offered 16 new or revised publications and 76 new or revised fact sheets. The 2021 Annual Summary can be found at

Let’s not gloss over December’s accomplishments though. The fact sheet Food Preservation: Making Jerky (2017) did NOT make it to the top spot, but it did get all the way up to number 2. For the second month in a row, Calculating Cation Exchange Capacity, Base Saturation, and Calcium Saturation (2019) maintained a firm grip at number 1. Details are at the same link above. If you want to talk about publishing a bulletin, fact sheet, or project book, please contact Jane Wright at