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What is My Why? December Challenge

"One of 'My Whys?' is keeping my kids, spouse, parents, and my 97-year-old grandmother safe and healthy so we have many more seasons and hugs to share!" —Jackie Wilkins

I know we all have our own personal “What’s My Why?” that helps us think about why we should socially distance, wear our masks, wash our hands, and follow other safety guidance. I encourage each of you to think about your own why and share it with others. In December, I challenge you to take a photo or shoot a video or challenge others to do so, demonstrating a healthy practice and sharing why it’s important to you. You can even identify local influencers (e.g., 4-H youth or teen leaders, volunteers, commissioners, etc.) to share their why. If you take this challenge, please send a copy to us via Laurie Ward (ward.676) and be sure to use some hashtags (#TogetherAsBuckeyes, #OSUExtension, #OhioState, etc.) if you share on social media.